September 2014

Beware of the Delhi Zoo Video Facebook Scam!


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Delhi zoo witnessed a tragic incident on Tuesday where a youth was mauled to death by a white tiger. Videos of the incident captured by onlookers have gone viral on the Internet. And as always, Internet crooks have started making good use of this incident to scam social media users,...

How to Backup Your Pictures and Data with Quick Heal Cloud Backup


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With the upcoming holiday season just around the corner, our smartphones are soon going to be loaded up with plenty of photos, videos and other content celebrating the festivities. This multimedia content is great for preserving memories and for sharing moments with absent family members. However, we want to take...

Apple security in the spotlight and other IT Security news

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Apple enjoyed a fine week with the reveal of iOS8 and the new iPhone 6, but in spite of its claims of being at a different level as its rivals, when it comes to security and privacy, it’s not all apples and oranges. Apple faces many of the same issues...

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Unsubscribe from Spam Emails

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Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Do you receive a lot of unwanted and advertisement-filled emails in your inbox on a regular basis? If so, then you are certainly not alone as there are several people who receive plenty of such emails on a daily basis. Hackers and attackers usually receive email addresses in bulk from...

Mythbuster: IMEI Blocking cannot Protect your Lost Phone


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The following is a precautionary issue for our readers and subscribers. From multiple sources, online and offline, we recently came to know about a common illegal trend that is afoot in several cities in India and is gaining momentum with time. Here’s a recap of a news related to this...

5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked and Other IT Security News


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This week the world was rocked by the news that close to 5 million Gmail passwords were released in a Russian forum by a hacker. Google claims only a small percentage of these are valid accounts. However, the threat is real and all Google users should change their passwords as...

Alert! Beware of Fake Bank Phone Calls

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Over the last few weeks, many readers have shared their dreadful experiences on our blog about losing their money to fake bank phone calls. Scroll down to know how you can protect yourself from such scams. Contents: Real Case Scenario How you can Protect yourself from Such Phone Scams Phishing...

Celebrity Photo Hack, Ice Bucket Malware, and Other IT Security News


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The past few days in the world of Internet was mostly about the hoo-ha created over the major hack of celebrity personal photos. Let us read about this and other interesting IT security news. Personal Photos of Jennifer Lawrence, and other A-List Celebrities Hacked August 31, 2014 was a day...

3 Safety Precautions to Take after the Celebrity Photo Hack

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Last week’s sensational news about nude celebrity pics from hacked accounts being published all over the Internet has again and again raised one single question – Are we using today’s gadgets responsibly? I sympathize with all those celebrities and people whose privacy was violated. Such incidents always create doubt in the...

Quick Heal Terminator (UTM) – Improve Productivity with Content Filtering


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As per an insightful study conducted by Google India, around 57% of SMEs in the country proactively use their website as a sales channel. Using the Internet for accessing email is highly prevalent, but around 71% of enterprises also use the ‘World Wide Web’ to search for suppliers and vendors....